The Personal Finance Challenge (eBook course + Financial Tracker sheets) v1.1

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Build Foundations to achieve your own Financial Freedom.

Take control of your finances, build a mindset that is accountable towards your financial journey. Develop habits that are essential to achieve your financial goals with the tools that this course equips you with. You have the potential to reach your own version of Financial Freedom.

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Key Takeaways

What Will I Learn?

🌟 Habits: Develop good habits to sustainably take charge of your personal finances

🌟 Goals: Identify meaningful financial goals that are aligned to your true values

🌟 Motivation: Generate a strong inner drive to achieve your financial goals

🌟 System: Build your own personal finance management system from zero to completion

🌟 Income: Gain access to a potential source of side income

Who is it for?

You Should Take This Course If...

✅ You are time poor

✅ You want an actionable guide

✅ You want a wholesome education of personal finances

✅ You want to take control of their finances using a system

What is included

📖 Ebook: Your wholesome guide to financial freedom knowledge. No-nonsense and only-need-to-know knowledge that is packaged in bite-sized chunks for you to absorb over 25 days.

🛰 Personal Finance Dashboard: Your very own Mission Control dashboard to manage your personal finances. A set of ready-made Google Sheets template for you to immediately use.

🍵 Step-By-Step Examples: Your challenge-buddy, Bruce, will complete the 25 days PF Challenge with you. Follow Bruce’s story as he applies the concepts and utilises the Google Sheets as a real-life step-by-step example.

👨🏻‍🏫 Access to PF Mentor: Your journey will be challenging but you will have a direct communication channel to speak to the author, Ruiz. All PF Challengers will have priority access to discuss further personal finance topics with Ruiz.

💰 Side Income Source: A potential source of side income will be given to those who complete the 25 days challenge. Are you up to the challenge?

Sneak Peak into Syllabus

Day 1: The Habit of Recording Money
Day 2: Ownership: Understanding budgeting and cash flow
Day 3: Ownership: Calculating net worth
Day 4: Know thyself: Searching for your values
Day 5: Visioning your value-aligned goals
Day 6: Your true hourly wage
Day 7: Reflecting on your 'Time' budget
Day 9: Pay yourself first
Day 10: Debt reduction
Day 11: Emergency funds
Day 12: Dreams vs Debts vs Emergency Funds
Day 13: Trim the fat, keeping expenses lean
Day 14: Know thyself: Searching for your values
Day 15: Insurance, additional Financial Protection
Day 16: Three types of Income
Day 17: FIRE movement and Financial Freedom
Day 18: Side hustle ideas for additional income
Day 19: Principles of a good investor
Day 20: Continuous and humble Financial Education
Day 21: Emotions, Psychology and Mental health
Day 22: Giving back for Financial Peace
Day 23: Of Relationships and Teamwork
Day 24: The PF Challenger's BML Cycle
Day 25: The most important thing in Personal Finance

9 Fully Customisable Tracker Sheets












Q1 What do i need to get started?

The ebook will be available for download as a .pdf file upon successful purchase. You will require a Google or Gmail account to access the Google Sheets financial trackers.

Q2 Is the content accessible immediately?

Yes, as soon as you complete your purchase. You may have to wait for a few minutes while Gumroad sends you an email for you to download your own custom ebook (.pdf file format).

There will be instructions in the ebook on how to access the the Google Sheets.

Q3 Is this a one time payment?

Yes, it is one time payment. Once you have purchased it, you have lifetime access to the purchased version of the ebook.

Q4 How long does it take to finish all the challenges?

The PF Challenge was designed for a challenger to finish in 25 days. However, feel free to complete all the challenges at your own desired pace.

Q5 Does it include investment recommendations?

If you are looking for investment recommendations, you will not find any in the ebook.

Please note that the ebook does not include any investment recommendations. We do not make any recommendations on which stocks, index funds, mutual funds or any other financial instruments to invest your money in whether in the ebook nor the complementary Google Sheets.

Q6 Tell me more about the 'Potential source of income' for Challenge Finishers.

As a motivation for challengers to complete all the 25 days challenge, we will provide you access to potential source of income if you successfully complete the whole challenge!

This is bonus to given to Challenge Finishers only. We look forward to seeing you at the Finish Line.

Q7 What if I am unhappy with the PFChallenge?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us at email in the first 45 days and we will give you a full refund.

Q8 Other questions?

If encounter any issues, have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me at:

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Personal Finance Challenge as an ebook .pdf download with access to 9+ Financial Dashboard (Google Sheets)

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The Personal Finance Challenge (eBook course + Financial Tracker sheets) v1.1

6 ratings
I want this!